Massage has many relaxing and healing aspects to offer.

Johnís technique is inspired by the energetic qualities of combined modalities. Reiki and Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Mono Lomi and Swedish Deep Tissue offer techniques that assist John in creating a grounded and centered approach to the clients needs and well being.

Thai Massage ~ John is now offering Thai Massage sessions as well as his regular table massage practice. Thai Massage is similar to applied yoga and Shiatsu. The therapist applies stretching, pressure points and energy work to the client as they are seated as well as lying supine and on their side on a futon style thai mat. The experience is very relaxing as well as promotes energy and lymph movement to encourage a healthy body and mind. If you have not experienced a Thai Massage, you should. It is a very neat experience. You can schedule one session or enjoy the package deal which not only offers a good price break but the added benefit of deep relaxation and better health that the continued practice offers.

  • Currently John is not accepting insurance.
  • Payment is accepted as Cash or Check

60 minutes -  $90

90 minutes -  $120

Thai Massage - $140/120min,  5  week 120min Session Series/ $575

Massage appointments are preferably made a week in advance. But feel free to contact me for last minute openings. John's availability is Sunday through Saturday. 

To schedule a massage appointment please contact me


phone: 206-355-4774

Cancelation policy: Please call at least eight hours in advance to cancel an appointment.

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